GE Placement Paper

1. In dc motor the motion of conductor is given by
a) Flemming's right hand rule b) Flemming's left hand rule
c) Cork screw rule
Ans b.

2. The resistance of conductor is R. If the conductor length gets doubled and cross section is reduced by half a times then the resistance of conductor is
a).R remains same b) R gets reduced by 2
c) R increases by 2 d) R increases by 4
Ans d.

3. Two plates of cross section 2mm2 are separated by a distance of 1cm. the capacitance between these plates is (I don't remember exact figures, question of this to compute the value of capacitance C = A/d)

4. No of poles, speed of the alternator, etc are given and asked to find the voltage induced in the rotor ckt of the alternator.

5. In parallel circuit under resonance
a) current is maximum b) impedance is minimum
c) voltage magnification takes place d) current magnification takes place

6. 3 resistances of R/2 are connected in star, the magnitude of resistances when connected in delta is
Ans 3R/2

7. what is dual networks
GE placement paper

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