Cyient Placement Paper

1.The total ages of three persons A, B, C is 90yrs, 10 yrs before ratio of A, B, C ages is 1:2:3.what is C's age?

2. A train 500m crosses a tunnel 0.5km between the time 10:05am and 10:10am what is the speed of train?

3. M persons decide to buy a gift for D price now three persons leave the group so what is the cost of the gift now to remaining persons?

4. A boat moves upstream with 12km/hr and downstream with 16 km/hr what is the speed of current and speed of boat in still water?

5. There are 30 puppies in two windows
a) 3/4th are male in left window
b) 1/3rd are female in right window
How many female puppies are there in total?

6. Two types of alloys A and B have gold and copper in the ratio 7:5 and 6:5 if they are mixed in equal quantities ratio of gold and silver in this new mixture?

7. A manufacturer sells goods to trader at 20% profit, trader sells to shopkeeper at 10% profit, shopkeeper to consumer at 10% profit if shopkeeper gets Rs.1,45,2000 original cost of the goods?

8. What annual debt will discharge a debt of Rs.7620 due in 2yrs at 2% per annum compound interest?