Cyient Placement Paper

1. The unit of force in S I system of units is
A. dyne
B. Kilogram
C. Newton
D. Watt
Ans- C

2. the angle bet two forces when the resultant is max and min respectively are
A. 0 and 180
B. 180 and 0
C. 90 and 180
D. 90 and 0
Ans- 90 and 180 (I guess)

3. which of the following is a proper sequence
Ans: Yielding, proportionality limit, elastic limit, Failure

4.Whenever a material is loaded with in elastic limit stress is .strain
Ans: Directly proportional

5. The Strain energy stored in a spring when subjected to max load, with out permanent distortion
Ans: Proof resilience (Doubt)

6. A definite area or space where some TD process takes place is..
Ans. Thermodynamic cycle (Doubt)

7. The absolute 0 temp is taken as
Ans. -273 deg cent

8. The measurement of a TD Ppty known as temp is based on
A. 0th law of TD
B. 1st law
C. 2nd law
D. None

9. A close vessel made of steel and used for generation of steam is
Ans. Steam boiler

10. When the circulation of water in a boiler is by a centrifugal pump then the boier is known as
A. Internally fired
B. Externally fired
C. Natural circulation Boiler
D. Forced circulation boiler

11. Which boiler is best suited to meet fluctuation demand of steam
A. locomotive
B. Lancashire
C. Cornish
D. Babcock and Wilcox

12. In a 4 stroke engine the sequence of operations is
Ans. Suction, Compression, Expansion and Exhaust

13. Stochiometric ratio is

14. Diesel as compared to Petrol is
Ans. More difficult to Ignite

15. Eulers EQN can be used for
Ans. All of the above

16. Only Rocket engines can be propelled to space because
Ans. They can generate very high Thrust

17. The actual power supplied by the engine crank shaft is called
Ans. Brake Power.

18. what is an abstract class?

19. what is function overloading?

20. what is a trigger?

21. what is the difference between data ware house and data mining?