CSC Placement Paper

1) when you open web browser, then what will happen what do you do first thing?

2) What is URL

3) how many layers in tcp/ip and which layers are extra in osi model

4) What is DNS

5) What is RARP

6) What is ATM (asynchronous mode transfer)

1) What is primary key

2) If there is no primary key how will you uniquely identify each tuple

3) Difference between tuple and attribute

4) What are anomalies explain each in detail (like insertion anomaly deletion and modification anomaly)

5) What is foreign key constraint

6) if a tuple is delete from a table having reference in so other table then What will happen (concept of cascade comes else error)

7) What are triggers and explain

8) difference between oracle 9i and oracle 8

9) difference between DBMS, RDBMS, ORDBMS

1) What is OS

2) What is a process

3) difference between process and thread

4) if threads share data section What will happen

5) What is semaphore

6) What other thing semaphore do except synchronisation

7) What else happen in threads and process so deadlock concept comes

8) what is deadlocks, and 4 conditions of deadlocks also

9) In OS where do you use stacks and queues

10)What are the types of scheduling

JAVA/ C/ C++
1) Write a java code of swapping

2) Write a java program demonstrating call by reference or call by value

3) What are interfaces

4) Difference between interfaces and abstraction