Aricent Placement Paper - 4

1) what is a pointer?

2) Can you give me a simple program for function returning pointer?
Pass 2 arguments for it and get a value and display it.

3) can you write the syntax for structure?

4) can you write a program to get a name from user and print it on the screen?

5) what will happen if the array size is exceeded?

6) is a[10]=0 a correct expression?

7) what is the difference between c and c++?

8) what is encapsulation?

9) what is polymorphism?

10) what are the types of polymorphism

11) what are the cpu scheduling algorithms you know?

12) what is round robin scheduling?

13) what are the disadvantages of priority scheduling?

14) what are the layes in osi model

15) protocols in each layer

16) difference between tcp and udp