Accenture company Placement Paper

Accenture placement paper - 3

Question No. : 1
A trio of girls ?1? / were ?2 ? scheduled to sing ?3? at the school function ?4?.
A) 1B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Explanation:­ The correct usage is “was” as the subject is 'the trio , which is singular hence the verb follwing it should
also be singular.

Question No. : 2
These ?1? mangoes taste bitterly ?2? while ?3? those do not ?4?.
A) 1
B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Explanation:­ In situations where natural properties of a substance is used we always use an adjective as in this case
mangoes always taste sweet. Thats why the correct usage is “bitter” as 'an adjective' is required in place of 'an

Question No. : 3
This rule ?1? is of the most universal ?2? application in all ?3? types of situations ?4?.
A) 1B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Explanation:­ The correct usage is “of universal application” . The word 'universal' is already a superlative so there is
no need to add any other word before this word.

Question No. : 4
He was ?1? unable to secure passing marks ?2 ? in the test, and therefore ?3? was not called for ?4? the interview.
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Explanation:­ The correct usage is “pass marks” as 'passing marks' is grammatically incorrect.

Question No. : 5
This ?1? is a most ?2 ? melodious song I have ?3? ever heard ?4?.
A) 1
Explanation:­ The correct usage is “the most” as before superlatives definite article 'the' is used.

Question No. : 6
A) incubus B) story C) dice D) journey
B) 2 C) 3 D) 4

The word 'nightmare' means hallucination, fantasy, bad times etc... incubus means something that oppresses,
worries, or disturbs

greatly or a nightmare.

Question No. : 7
A) indecisive B) deceptive C) cheat D) astray
Explanation:­ 'irresolute' means one who is not firm on his decison or lack the ability to take decisons.

Question No. : 8
A) diffuse B) clear
C) prolix D) brief
Explanation:­ 'succinct' means 'brief or concise' hence its opposite will be 'prolix' , which means 'verbose'

Question No. : 9
A) volume B) sweet
'magnitude' means 'size' or proportion'.

Question No. : 10
A) hangman B) executive C) judge D) manager
Explanation:­ 'executioner' means 'one who hangs somebody'.

Question No. : 11
Which of the following can be said about Asian economies during the period from 2003­2007?
A. Though inflation was rising at the time politicians did not pay much attention. B. Many of the poor countries were able to
compete internationally. C. The growth rate of Asian countries was facilitated by growth in advanced countries.
A) All ?A), ?B) & ?C) B) Only ?A)
Explanation:­ Refer to opening line of the para 1 where it is mentioned that Asian economies, during the period of
2003 to 2007, emerged from poverty to being international competitor which is further being supported with the facts
pertaining to inflation rate.
Option A is wrong because it is no where mentioned that politicians did not do anything; in fact it is mentioned that
there is no option for the politicians to sit idle.
Option C is wrong because again such a thing is not mentioned anywhere in the passage.
C) size D) shape
C) Only ?B) D) Both ?A) & ?B)

Question No. : 12

Which of the following is not an anti­inflation measure being used by Asian countries?
A. Increase in benchmark interest rate by a central bank. B. Checks on lending. C. Subsidising fuel for farmers.
A) Only C B) Both A & B C) Both B & C D) Only B
Explanation:­ Refer to para 2 overall reading of the para where it is mentioned that to get a grip on inflation, interest
rates need to be hiked and hence credit given to the industry would decrease.

Question No. : 13
What makes it difficult for Asian countries to control inflation?
A) Restrictions by organizations like the Asian Development Bank B) Governments are indecisive and adopt counterproductive
C) The problem is global in nature not restricted to their individual countries D) It is generally difficult to control inflation for
any government.
Explanation:­ Refer to opening lines of the fourth para: 'The challenge is especially difficult because currently, inflation
is not of domestic origin. Prices are being driven higher by a global surge in oil and food prices, which individual
governments can do little to control'.

Question No. : 14
Why are experts not very concerned about the impact of inflation on Asian economies?
A. Asian countries have not maintained substantial hard currency reserves. B. The condition of Asian banks is currently both
stable and strong. C. The Asian Development Bank will bail them out of any trouble.
A) Only ?A) B) Both ?A) & ?C) C) Both ?A) & ?B)
D) Only ?B)
Explanation:­ Refer to last para opening lines where it has been specified that asian countries are in a strong position
due to firm financial reserves they possess and are well prepared to face any jolt pertaining to recession.

Question No. : 15
What is the author's advice to politicians regarding the handling of inflation?
A) They should focus on preventing agitations among their citizens not implementing anti­inflation measures. B) They ought to
implement anti­inflation measures even at the cost of losing office.
C) They must focus on maintaining high economic growth rate as inflation will taper off on its own. D) Countries should
handle the problem independently and not collectively.
Explanation:­ Refer to para 3 , the statement "leaders cannot blindly adopt rigid anti­inflation measure, so they cannot
overreact to the inflation threat and scale down economic growth in the process".

Question No. : 16

Statement : In one of the worst accidents on a railway level crossing, fifty people died when a bus carrying them

collided with a running train. Courses of action : I. The train driver should immediately be suspended.
II. The driver of the bus should be tried in court for negligence on his part. III. The railways authorities should be asked to man
all its level crossings.
A) None follows B) Only III follows C) Only I and II follow
D) Only II and III follow
Explanation:­ It seems to be from the situation that the crossing was not manned; in such a scenario it is the fault of
both the driver and the railway authorities. There is no fault of the train driver.

Question No. : 17
Statement : There was a spurt in criminal activities in the city during the recent festival season. Courses of action : I. The police
should immediately investigate into the causes of this increase.
II. In future the police should take adequate precautions to avoid recurrence of such a situation during
festivals. III. The known criminals should be arrested before any such season.
A) None follows B) Only II and III follow
C) Only I and II follow D) All follow
Explanation:­ Statement Three does not follow because it would be excessively harsh on the part of the authorities to
arrest someone merely on the grounds of a dubious past.

Question No. : 18
Statement : A mass mortality of shrimps in ponds on entire Andhra coast has recently been reported sick due to the presence
of a virus. Courses of action: I. The water of the ponds affected should immediately be treated for
identifying the nature of the virus.
II. The catching of shrimps from the ponds should temporarily be stopped. III. The fishermen should be asked to watch for the
onset of such phenomenon in nature.
A) Only I follows
Explanation:­ All three would help in the given situation.Third course of action is also right as it will help aothorities in
handling the situation in advance.

Question No. : 19
Statement : The weather bureau has, through a recent bulletin, forecast heavy rainfall during the next week which
may cause water logging in several parts of the city. Courses of action : I. The bulletin should be given wide publicity through the
mass media.
II. The civic authority should keep in readiness the pumping system for removal of water from these
parts. III.The people should be advised to stay indoors during the period.
Explanation:­ All the mentioned courses of action would go towards minimizing the potentially devastating effects of a
flood. Hence 1.

Question No. : 20
Statement : The world will have to feed more than 10 billion people in the next century, of whom half will be in
A) All follow B) Only II follows C) Only I and II follow D) Only II and III follow
B) All follow C) Only I and II follow D) Only II and III follow

Asia and will eat rice as their staple food. Courses of action : I. More funds should immediately be allocated for rice research to

help ensure adequate supplies.
II. The people in Asia should be encouraged to change their food habits. III. The rice should be grown in countries outside Asia
to meet the demand.
A) Only I and II follow B) All follow C) Only II and III follow
Explanation:­ Research is required to meet the demands. Second is not very logical because if the rice production
can be increased then their is no need of such a thing.. Help from other countries to be taken to meet the growing

Question No. : 21
Sourav's Fish Salon serves a special Friday night seafood banquet consisting of seven courses ­ hilsa, pomfret, Indian shrimp,
rahu, kingfish, lobster and bhetki. Diners are free to select the order of the seven courses, according to the following conditions:
The kingfish is served sometime after rahu. Exactly one course should be served between the pomfret and the Indian shrimp.
?Pomfret before Indian Shrimp? The lobster is served some time before the pomfret. The kingfish is served either fifth or sixth.
The hilsa is served second.
Which one of the following sequences would make for an acceptable banquet?
A) rahu, hilsa, lobster, bhetki, pomfret, kingfish, Indian shrimp B) rahu, hilsa, bhetki, pomfret, kingfish, Indian shrimp, lobster
C) lobster, hilsa, pomfret, rahu, kingfish, Indian shrimp, bhetki D) lobster, hilsa, rahu, kingfish, pomfret, bhetki, Indian shrimp
A) Pomfret is the third course served B) Indian shrimp is the fourth course served
C) Bhetki is the seventh course served D) Lobster is the first course served
Option (i) Acceptable. Option (ii) violates Rule (iii). Option (iii) violates Rule (ii) Option (iv) violates Rule (iv).