Syntel Placement Paper

1. Graphics:Painters algorithm is used for………..

2. Graphics:Why is ‘Lighting’ operations done on World Coordinates?

3. What is graphics

4. What is C External Variables.

5. How can you call a function written in FORTRAN from a C program ?

6. can pointer addition is possible

7. How can you do pointer addition

8. What is OS’s and Virtual Memory

9. Types of OS

10. What are structures in C ?

11. What do you need to do to open more than 10 files simultaneously in Microsoft Operating System? -
change stdio.h/change CONFIG.SYS/compiler dependent

12. Angle between hands when time is 2:20

13. x^2 + 4 y^2 =4xy.Find x:y

14. A and B’s work units given.They were together gievn Rs.720.When C joined,they together completed
the work in 5 days.Find C’s wages

15. There was a circle.A square of max size was cut from it.From this square,a circle of max size was
cut.What was the ratio of this final size w.r.t initial size?

16. A runs 3/4th faster than B.One of them was placed some metres ahead.How far should the finishing
post be placed so that both of them finish at the same time?

17. Longest time one has to wait for next birthday?(366/365/4 years/8years)

18. Next no: in the seq: 7,11,__,19,23
19. Odd man out
a) stem b) fruits c) flowers d) tree e) root

20. 9, --, 15, 18, 21, 24

21. If 3rd day of a month is Monday. Then what is the 5th day after 21st of that month?