Flextronics Placement Paper

1- What is max. no. of hops in hypercube n/w with n (=2 ^ p) to go from one node to another ?
a. pb. log pc. n ^ 2
2- What is Kerberos ?
ns. Authentication Protocol
3-In completely connected multiprocessor system with n processors , links will be of the order of
a. O(n ^ 2)b. O(2 ^ n) c. O(n/2)
4-When quick sort gives worst performance ?
ans. When elements are in order.
5- o/p of each sorting step of 8 elements was given and had to recognise which sorting algo.?
Ans. Bubble sort (Not Sure , Check it out )
6-In worst case ,which sort is best out of following sorts?
a.heap b.selection c.quick (ans.) d. insertion
7-Three very simple gate circuits each having inputs A,B,C,D were given and had to tell ,which two give same result ? (DeMorgan's Law was used in solving )
Ans was (a) &(c) (o/p of a & c was coming to be AB +CD)
-K-map given,had to tell simplified function
Ans was perhaps AB+AD +AC+BCD
-Map was
AB 0 0 0 0
0 0 1 0
1 1 1 1
0 1 1 1
9-What is Function Point ?
Ans. S/W estimation technique
10-p points to an integer. We don't want p to change value. In C, what declarations will we use?
A const int *pb.int *pc.int const *p e. int* const p (perhaps ans.)
11-Diff between 2NF &3NF ?
Ans. D (last option)
12.Which does not use client server model ?
a. Emailb. Web access c. C. Telephone calld. N/w file system
13-In a pipeline having 3 stages, each having reliability of 0.9, what is overall reliability of pipeline?
a. 0.9 b. 0.729c. 0.81
4-2level cacheis there first level cache's access time is 100ns,second level cache's access time is 33ns & memory access time is 1000 ns. What is total memory access time ?
ans. 140 ns
15-In public key cryptography,Awillsend message to B
ans. Using B's public key
16-What does projection of a relation give?
Ans.gives vertical partition of relation corresponding to specified columns.
17-For disk or direct access storage, which is best ?
a. AVL
b. B-tree
c. Red tape ..
18-There is a tree with inorder threading Node B is inserted as left child of nade A. Node A already has right child . Where will the null ptr of B point ?
ans. Parent of A (perhaps)
19-There is a diskless workstation. Which will be the first protocol it will use ?
20-Compiler keeps which of following ?
ns. Symbol table
21- 'ping' command uses which protocol ?
ans. ICMP
22-Merge sort uses which technique?
Ans. Divide and Conquer
23-Program counter is incremented in
a. fetch (ans) b. decode c. execute
24-what does the following program do ?
f(int n)
int c;
print c;
ans. Program prints the no. of set bits in no.
25-What is this called (char *) (*(*(*A[X]) ( ) )) ( )
ans. Array of X pointers to a function returning pointer to functions that are returning pointer to char (not sure )
26- For synchronisation in distributed computing, what should not be there ?
a. all machines are synchronised by a global clock
b. all systems should have their own clock (perhaps ans)
27-Java applet of a moving /waving file is running on one machine then it means
a.Java's executable code is downloaded and running on the m/c
b.A virtual X server is running on that m/c while the actual program is running on the web server.
28-What is in RSA algo. ?
a. First the session key is encrypted & then whole message is encrypted using RSA Algo.
b. Message is encrypted using RsA algo.
c. First Rsa algo is used &then encrypted with the session key.
29-What is dirty read?
a. Transaction reexecutes and gives diff. Results from the original execution
b. Read is done when the transaction is not yet committed
30-What is coupling ?
a. It tells the strength of interconnection between two program units.
31-Any n/w on the computer can have only
a. one domain &one IPb. more than one domain & more than one Ip
c. one domain and more than one IP d. more than one domain & one IP
32-Which one does not have file descriptor ?
a. process b. keyboard c. pipe d. socket
33-What does CONNECT BY means
a.connect to a different databaser for retreival b.arrange in tree ordered structure
34-In two phase commit protocol, why log is used during transmission &reception ?
a. To retrieve the status in case of crash
35-In which algo. Waiting time is minimun?
Ans, SJF
36-How many address bits are there in Ipv6
ans. 128 bits
37-During run time heap is managed by
a. a user process in kernel mode
b. A system process manages heap for all the processes
c. A system process for each process
d. A user process in user mode
38-In which of following search is efficient?
a. height balanced tree
b. Weight balanced tree
c. Binary tree
39.A ques. on resource relocation, sharing ( I don't remember more
than this regarding this ques.)
40-some ques. options were sth like
a. transparency control b. Migration control c. Concurrency control
41-X:In DFD, input is converted into output by passing through various functional units
Y:DFD cannot be used in object oriented design
a. both X& y are correctb. both X & Y are incorrect
c. X correct, Y incorrectd. Xincorrect, Y correct
42-Where regression testing is used ?
a. Dynamic analysers b. Loaders
43-For Java interfaces , what is true ?
a. Functions declarations are not given' b. Variables are not declared
c. Instance variables are not used
44-In a linked list, we can delete a node in order of
a. 1 b. nc. n ^ 2
45-If there are N people and we have to do symmetric & asymmetric
cryptography, how many keys would be used in these cases respectively?
a. N & N ^ 2 (probably ans)
b. N ^ 2 & N
c. N & N
d. N ^ 2 & N ^2
46-The protected element of a class can't be accessed by
a. member functions of the same class
b. member functions of the derived class
c. member functions of any other class in the same program (Ans.)
47-NFS uses same file structure as unix
48-To solve an expression which of following trees will you use?
a. postfix b. infix