Birlasoft Placement Paper - 8

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Paper : birlasoft placement paper pattern part - 3
1.what is stub in software testing ?
a. dummy sub program
b. test case,which fails regularly
c. defect log report
d. defect ,which is not closed
2. What does 100% code coverage mean while testing software ?
a. Basic flow of software is tested
b. all critical test cases are tested
c. each line of code is executed at least once while testing .
d. No while and if loops are tested
3. What does gpf in windows95 stands for ?
a. Great performance format
b. general performance error
c. general protection fault
d. group performance frequency
4. Which of the following best fits for testing boundary values ?
a. Age test box accepts age between 10-20 (both inclusive)
b. name text box can have any value
c. date text box should have data in dd/mm/yyyy format
d. employee grade text box can have one of the following values l1,m1,e1
5. String somestring;
which of the following choices will convert a standard c++ string object "somestring❠to a c string
a. somestring.c_str()
b. &somestring[1]
c. copy.somestring()
d. std::cstring(something)
6. Which of the following best suites load scenario ?
a. 100 users c