Bajaj Placement Paper - 1

Sample technical Questions:

1. What is the material of crank shaft?

2. What is standard time?
a. Normal time minus allowance
b. Reliability time

3. Energy stored in the spring when it is fully compressed without any deformation is ""
Answer: resilience or proof resilience

4. The relation? L=pl/ae.
What is (strain)? Answer. ? = p/ae
5. why is the lower spindle speed useful? If diameter of w/p is large when depth of cut is high

6. Which material has high machineability?

7. Which parameters are represented by 24 & 2 in m24x2?
Write the equation for kinematic links and pairs?
A. L=2p-3 b. L=2p-4 c. L=3p-5]

8. which cycle is the most efficient of these (for the same compression ratio?
A. Otto cycle b. Diesel cycle

9. The angle between face of the tool and plane parallel to the base of the tool is called
1. Rake angle 2. Clearance angle 3. Cutting edge angle 4. Lip angle

10. what for are bevel gears used? Bevel gears are used for transmitting torque between which of the following?
1. Intersecting & coplanar shafts
2. Non-intersecting & non-coplanar shafts
3. non-parallel & non-coplanar shafts
4. None of the above

11. The state of a liquid during evaporation is
a. Vapour b. Steam c. Water vapour

12. Why do we use throttle valve in steam engines?
a. Control pressure of steam
b. control volume of steam
c. control temperature of steam
d. none of the above

13. which type of thread do we use for power transmission in a single direction?
1. Square
2. Acme
3. Buttress

Bajaj placement paper

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