ABB Placement Paper - 2

paper: ABB placement paper

Quantitative paper + pcm paper 45 Questions

Duration: 45 minutes

1. About 10 quanti Questions (based on mixture, work etc.)

2. What is gdp?

3. Vector algebra, codition for co-planer vector etc.

4. Gravitation, geo-synchronous satellite ( it's hight, orbit , radius etc.), escape velocity, how g (gravitational accln) varies, about gravitational potential.

5. Basic electricity and magnetism----biot-savart law, current carrying conductor properties.

6. Nuclear physics, Bohr's constant, and other theories related.

7. Problem based on vibgyor, how wave length and frequency is varying.

8. Questions based on plank's theory, e =hv

9. V=u + at, v2=u2 + 2as and w = mgh Questions based on above theory.

10. Faraday's laws of electrolysis, m = zit

11. Heat conduction problem.

12. Colour-coding of resistor (bbroygbvgw)

13. How velocity of light changes in different medium while frequency remain unchanged.

14. Statistics, calculation of mode, co-efficient regression (3-4 Questions)

15. F(x) = sin x + cos x, find the maximum value of the function.

Ans: sqrt (2)

16. Formulae for parallel plate capacitor and force between plate's comments