AAI placement paper 2016 with solutions

TotalQuestions: 120 (no negative).
Duration: 120 minutes.

Technical Question: 84 (mcq's).
General studies and English: 36 (mcq's).

Technical round:

1. What is not possible as the dominant mode in rectangular waveguide?

2. What are advantages of vsb?

3. What is ducting?

4. One Question on maxwell's equation.

5. Question on hall coefficient.

6. Intel's timer circuit (8253).

7. Simple problem on y parameter (go for it in network theory).

8. Pn junction concept (very important).

9. Problem on adcresolution.

10. Simple network theory problems (to find out voltage and current).

11. Piezocrystal properties.

12. Application of trAnsducers (active passive etc).

13. Tunnel diode and schottky diode Questions (go for the trAnsfer characteristics regarding negative resistance).

14. Problem on Fourier series of sine square x.

15. Problem on Fourier trAnsformation.

16. To find out b (bita) (cc, Ce, cb current gain relations, viz; alpha, beta, gamma and comparisons of properties regarding all three modes.)

17. Base conversion in digital electronics.

18. Sine wave to square wave conversion ie, Schmidt trigger.

19. Propagation delay calculation regarding full adder (counter, flip flops).

20. Questions regarding para magnetism and Curie temperature.

21. Vswr calculation.

22. Problem on drift velocity.